Who we are

Years of experience in the tourism sector and an increasingly 'growing demand towards food and wine and wine tours, gave birth to an international project called infoodwinetravel.

Our mission 'to turn our clients' dreams into reality'.

Food and wine over the years has taken on its own identity, becoming an object of cultural tourism that promotes the conservation and enhancement of agricultural lands, and combines rural culture, and cuisine by tasting the wines or other products.

The aspects most attractive for tourists are gastronomic landscapes, culture, gastronomy (typical), climate and relationships with manufacturers and cooking classes to high level.

Infoodwinetravel has developed a program of food and wine tours around the world . All of these tours have the particularity to be marked by the discovery of Culinary Traditions in the locality 'reference, in fact all of our programs are different and have a particular focus, not so much cultural visits which are not lacking in themselves, but to the menus of the various lunches and dinners that the same holds, cooking classes enfattizati obviously from the typical dishes with the atmosphere of the restaurants and hotels carefully selected for this very special trip segment.

We will choose the best option for the organization of your trip taking into account your needs and budget. We will solve all the problems related to the organization of any action, then we will make your holiday unforgettable.

We invite you to take part in our tour, attention to detail, ongoing support throughout the period of the holiday, this is much more succeed 'to satisfy your every desire .....