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Discover Navelli saffron DOP and the wines of Abruzzo

  • Тип Тура - Culinary Tours
  • Место проведения - Italy, Navelli
  • Продолжительность - 7 дней/ 6 ночей
  • Доступен на языках - EN / IT / RU
  • Стоимость Тура - 1150 EURO*

Package Includes:

  • 6 night accommodation in B&B
  • meals and beverage in restaurants of various locations visited
  • tickets where provided
  • 3 cooking lessons
  • transfers during the all tour exclude from/to airport
  • guide assistance during the excursions
* The price is for individual tour per person based on double occupancy. The price varies from season to season and nomber of people. Send a request to find out the exact cost.
  Day 1
Dinner at home (peaceful bed & breakfast, situated in Navelli (Abruzzo), which is centrally located between the four nature parcs of the Abruzzo: Maiella, Gran Sasso, Monti della Laga and Velina)
  Day 2
Breakfast in the hotel
Visit the medieval village of Navelli
Visit the Oratory of San Pellegrino and the Church of Santa Maria Assunta in Bominaco
Lunch in Bominaco
Visit the archaeological site of Peltuinum
Dinner / Tasting in L'Aquila (Re Gatto oppure Enoteca Ju Boss)
Overnight in the hotel
  Day 3
Breakfast in the hotel
Visit Corfinio (Archaeological Museum and Cathedral of San Pelino Valvense XII sec.)
Lunch at the Restaurant Hotel Excelsior
Visit the Museum Pelino Sulmona
Afternoon/evening cooking lesson with dinner at Antica Taverna
Overnight in the hotel
  Day 4
Breakfast in the hotel
Tour of S. Stefano di Sessanio and Calascio Lunch From Clara (Calascio country)
Back in Navelli (through Campo Imperatore)
Cooking class with the typical dishes of the Festival of chickpeas and saffron at Sotto le Volte
Overnight in the hotel
  Day 5
Breakfast in the hotel.
Visit of Torre de 'Passeri and Abbey of San Clemente a Casauria
Lunch / tasting or breakfast in the country (according to season) at Valle Reale, farm (Popoli)
Visit the Benedictine Abbey of St. Benedict in Perillis
Cooking class at the village of Fumari (Prata d'Ansidonia) with dinner
Overnight in the hotel
  Day 6
Breakfast in the hotel
Visit the Caves of Stiffe and the Necropolis of Fossa
Lunch / tasting at Campo Felice at Casetta Caseificio
Free afternoon in Navelli
Dinner at the restaurant La Sorgente (Capistrano)
Overnight in the hotel
  Day 7
Breakfast in the hotel
Lunch at Sotto le Volte, according to the time of departure


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