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  • Тип Тура - Percorsi del gusto - Tours enogastronomici
  • Место проведения - Italia, Catania
  • Продолжительность - 15 дней/ 14 ночей
  • Доступен на языках - EN / IT / RU
  • Стоимость Тура -
Day 1
Transfer from Catania airport to the hotel near Etna and Taormina.
The Resort is located above a river that flows from the mountains from which during the time has formed a canyon called Gole Alcantara.
The Gole Alcantara Botanical and Geological Park offering a spectacle that is unique anywhere in the world, in a setting of a thousand colors and extraordinary scenery, canyons up to 50 meters deep and pleasant nature trails for relaxing walks.
The restaurant offers the delights and dishes of typical Sicilian cuisine prepared and served in an impeccable manner, enhancing the flavors of ancient culinary art, which makes it famous all over the world. The dishes served are accompanied by careful selection of local wines.
Check-in and welcome drink - Dinner at hotel and overnight.
Breakfast at Hotel.
Today we explore the Volcano Etna, largest active volcano in Europe, and admire a unique combination of nature and the uncontrollable essence of fire. It reaches up to an altitude of 2000 meters in a square with restaurants, bars and souvenir shops. Hiking to the crater Silvestri to enjoy a breathtaking view of the valley and the sea.
At 13.00 departure to visit a pastry Bar that since 1850 make own production of tradicional Sicilian sweets and cakes and Granita.
Granita is an special ice cream made with local products such as: almonds, coffee, lemons, strawberries, mulberries and other fruits in the season. Tasting of Granita with special croissants with honey.
After the tasting we return to the hotel – dinner and overnight.
  Day 3
Breakfast at hotel – Departure for a cooking course at Farmhouse.
The cooking class is not just like learning recipes to make a good pasta or rather the delicious Ragusa biscuits or whatever. It is rather the chance to discover the taste, the passion, the poetry and the history that stand behind every single speciality of the typical sicilian gastronomy. The key to turn every recipe to a success are ingredients, that have to be fresh and high quality grade, but they are not enough. Only when the right ingredients are mixed together with armony and transformed according to the ancient protocols a recipe becomes an unforgettable experience of taste. The cooking class takes about three hours and will be held in the language of the group, or in English.
Participant gets apron with the logo of the farm that then take home as a souvenir, and a folding with the recipes of what 'they're going to prepare, during the course there will be tasting of Ricotta 'cheese, and wine. In conclusion we give each participant a certificate of participation. In the end of the cooking class you will eat what you prepared.
Afternoon departure for a walk excursion to Noto, Late baroque town nearby Siracusa. After the reopening of Cathedral of Noto 2007, the place has gained back the honour of being one of the most beautiful baroque pearls in Sicily.
Return to the hotel – dinner and overnight.
  Day 4
Breakfast at hotel – Departure to visit the ancient borgo of Castelmola and have a lunch at Turrisi Trattoria.
Lunch with dishes based on local appetizers and pasta with pistachio.
After lunch you will visit Taormina and its Greco-Roman amphitheatre.
Goethe discovered Taormina in the late 18th century by observing the ruins of the Greco-Roman theater with the Etna covered by snow which seems to emerge triumphant in the clear waters of the Bay of Giardini Naxos. Taormina, rightly recognized as the "capital of the Sicilian tourism". The monuments and its extraordinary landscape between sea and sky walking in the streets of Taormina, the visitor discovers the remnants of the past : Greek - Roman represented by its magnificent theater that hosts events and performance of very high international level, the medieval times as Corvaja Palace, the Palace of the Dukes of St. Stephen , the Ciampoli Palace, the Cathedral and the church of St. Catherine. Taormina , also called " the pearl of Sicily, " shows every day its amazing beauty and a unique charm in the world.
The main street Corso Umberto is full of chic boutiques and café.
Return to the hotel, dinner at hotel and overnight
  Day 5
Breakfast and check-out – Head towards the mountains of “Nebrodi” through the interoir roads to get to a restaurant “La Rocca”. This restaurant, on the heart of mountains Nebrodi, is a truly paradise. The dishes are made only with products from Nebrodi: Homemade pasta with ragù made with meat from black pig, grilled mix meat (beef, pig and lamb), appetizers with cheeses, vegetables and salami, local wine.
After lunch we depart toward Milazzo and than take the hidrofoil to Lipari (1 hour) – At arrive in Lipari transfer to the Hotel 4* which has direct access to the sea and a big pool with sea water.
Check-in and welcome drink.
The island of Lipari, in the Greek language indicated by the name of Meligunis, is the largest archipelago and has about 10,000 inhabitants. The tourist sees since his arrival the fortified town and the Town Hall, established in the former Franciscan monastery. At his feet are perhaps the two most famous bays: Marina Corta, with the Church of the Souls of Purgatory and the seventeenth-century Church of St. Joseph and Marina Lunga, the largest port. The soil of the island is of volcanic tuff, obsidian and pumice, and its coasts are characterized by cliffs and sea stacks that many face. The oldest rocks dating emerged about 225,000 years ago and volcanic phenomena are now limited to a modest activity in the presence of fumaroles and hot springs, like those of the thermal spring of "Terme di San Calogero". 
Dinner at hotel and overnight.
  Day 6
Breakfast at hotel.
Panoramic excursion around the internal island of Lipari. Departure by private auto or minibus toward the mountain for a first stop to Quattrocchi to enjoy a breathtaking view of the island of Vulcano and Sicily.
We continue to reach Terme di San Calogero a Greek-Roman thermal springs, you visit a museum and the stoves from which still flows water at 58 °.
We than continue toward the village of Quattropani to have a tasting at typical Aeolian restaurant – Light lunch on the rooftop terrace with spectacular view of Salina, Alicudi and Filicudi (dishes based on Aeolians appetizers, dessert and Malvasia wine.
After lunch we continue the route toward the village of Acquacalda and we stop at the quarries, the oldest eruption of lava that created the black obsidian and white pumice.
Departure toward Canneto village (the biggest beach of all islands) and we end the tour.
Dinner at hotel and overnight
  Day 7
After breakfast we go to the port to depart by hydrofoil to Vulcano – 10 minutes .
Vulcano (Hierà), is the closest island to Sicily, is located 12 miles off Cape Milazzo and Lipari is separate from a small canal off just over a mile.
Its name derives from the Roman god and is composed of volcanoes Lentia, Piano, Vulcanello and Fossa, the most active of the four. The island is characterized by perennial manifestations of volcanic, very popular with tourists who come here also to enjoy the hot mud and fumaroles for cures and useful primarily for the treatment of rheumatism and skin diseases. The characteristic odor of sulfur, which is also used for inhalation therapy, becomes more intense if you take advantage of the opportunity to go hiking - unforgettable - the Crater to the pit, surrounded by "geysers", emissions of sulfur vapors escaping from the Earth's surface).
Sightseeing tour by private auto or minibus around the island of Vulcano – familiarity with the history of the archipelago , the island of Vulcano .
Stops to the most beautiful panoramic views from which there will be breathtaking views of all the islands of the archipelago and the coast of Sicily.
Visit a farmhous producer of «Ricotta di Vulcano» – The farm is still managed by a family that continues the ancient traditions of making cottage cheese on the island, using only natural fermentation and conservation – salt, oil and time.
Tasting of different kinds of cheese, olives, dry tomatoes, local wine and homemade bread. Return to the port and departure by hydrofoil to Lipari.
Dinner at hotel and overnight.
  Day 8
Salina (Didyme), is the greenest island of the Aeolian archipelago. Its name comes from the salt mines exploited in ancient times a lake, an abandoned village of Language. The island of Salina is composed of three distinct autonomous municipalities of Santa Marina, Malfa and Leni. Lingua, Pollara, Rinella, Torricella Val di Chiesa, Are important fractions of the Isle. In Pollara was shot the film "Il Postino", with Philippe Noiret in the part of Pablo Neruda and the unforgettable Massimo Troisi in the mailman. Besides its natural beauty and the home of "Il Postino", the island is renowned for the production of "capers" and "Malvasia", a distinctive wine with a very sweet flavor and aroma derived from raisins, vaguely similar to raisin).
Breakfast at the hotel – departure by hydrofoil to Salina (20 minutes).
We will unboard in the village of Santa Marina to starts a panoramic tour around the island.
During the tour we will visit an ancient church (Madonna del Terzito) the name of the church come from a legend based on a story by apparition of the Virgin Mary that sounded the bells.
We will go toward the village of Malfa and than we stop to admire breathtaking view of Pollara from thr top of the ancient volcano of Salina. We than depart toward Lingua village to have a lunch at restaurant overlooking the sea.
The lunch is based on PANI CUNZATU, a local bread toasted with above Aeolian ingredient from different choice; mozzarella, capers, tomatoes, cottage cheese, capers and tuna fish –in addition tasting of sweets and Malvasia wine of Salina.
After the lunch you will free time to the shopping street of Santa Marina village.
In the late afternoon boarding to the hydrofoil toward Lipari.
Back to the hotel.
Dinner at hotel and overnight.
  Day 9
Breakfast at hotel .
Check-out – transfer to the port and boarding to the hydrofoil to Reggio Calabria (1.40 m). At the port of Reggio Calabria the chauffeur is waiting for you.
We depart by private auto toward Tropea.
Tropea sits on top of an imposing cliff rising up immediately behind the turquoise sea and golden sand. Houses seem to cling precariously to its side and your first view of Tropea will never be forgotten. The town itself is quite small and one of the prettiest towns in Calabria. The cobbled streets are lined with old buildings made from golden stone and at various points you find yourself looking down alarmingly at the sea below. The sea is accessed via windy roads or some 200 steps. At the top is the monastery, Santa Maria dell'Isola, creating a wonderful image with the clear blue sea stretching behind it.
We than take head toward Pizzo Calabro ( 15 minutes away). The town 'famous for its handmade TARTUFO DI PIZZO (TRUFFLE). The truffle of Pizzo is an ice-cream dessert composed of two or more flavors of ice cream, often with either fruit syrup or frozen fruit — typically raspberry, strawberry or cherry — in the center. It is typically covered in a shell made of chocolate or cocoa, but cinnamon or nuts are also used.
You will have a tasting of the delicious Tartufo di Pizzo.
After the light lunch departure to reach Borgo Santarosa Farm, (1.20 m).
The estate covers a hundred acres of unspoiled nature, a few kilometers from the sea and the center of the natural, historical and artistic heritage of Calabria, at the narrowest point of Italy, along the river Corax, earth from ancient culture, inhabited by ancient Phaeacians, Odysseus traveled to switch from the Tyrrhenian to the Ionian avoiding the Straits of Scylla and Charybdis. The first news of the company date back to the fourteenth century. The estate is home to over 50,000 Aleppo pine and other species of Mediterranean flora and two plants lush olive grove. In addition, the company produces wheat, barley, oats, barley, beans, peas, chickpeas, tomatoes and other vegetables essences from which you draw the ingredients for cooking healthy and delicious at Borgo.
The Borgo is equipped rooms with panoramic views surrounded by nature and are dated with air conditioning, TV, telephone.
The catering is based on the typical Calabrian products. You can taste authentic flavors in an elegant and relaxed. In the morning, the smell of freshly baked bread is mixed together with that of pies, cookies and bread with cottage cheese and jam, all strictly own made.
Welcome at reception - Dinner at Borgo and overnight.
  Day 10
Breakfast at Borgo – today you visit the castle “Le Castella”.
In one of the most beautiful stretches of ' Marine Protected Area "Capo Rizzuto" is one of the most beautiful castles in Italy, thanks to its unique location that sees him triumph on a small island linked to the coast by only a thin strip of land. The fortress was built in the fifteenth century. never held the nobility of the place, but it served as a shelter for soldiers engaged against the attacks of the invaders from the sea.
The current stronghold rests on foundations dating back to the Magna Greek (400 BC), used by the Romans in the time was the refuge of Hannibal, retreating. Even today you can see the different building phases overlay each other in different eras, Normans, Swabians, Byzantine, Angevin and Aragonese who raised on embankments Greek mighty castle defenses modeled according to the times. The fortress continuously attacked by the Turks, was populated until early 800, when the population moved on land resulting in a small village of sailors, today the current tourist center.
Today yuo have a lunch at Trattoria with dishes based on fresh fish (first course, second course, salad and local wine).
After lunch head toward a farmhouse who produce cheeses and Mozzarella di Bufala (Buffalo Mozzarella). Calabria is the home of the cheese. The success of dairy products Calabrian depends on the breeds of cattle, by the Mediterranean climate, the diverse flora of the pastures and from a production technique that remained unchanged for centuries. The cheeses Calabrian are inimitable. The many flavors of these products make all types of milk dairy unforgettable even for the most discerning palates. Not enough, in fact, exceptional raw materials, centuries-old techniques, traditions handed down from generation to make a great product, it takes all the love that Calabrian pastors have for their work. Each "form" is the result of an ancient and wise craft and tells the story of the shepherds and their culture.
Calabria is one of the regions of Italy, which boasts the largest number of types cheese: cheese from sheep and goats, consumed since the time of the Sumerians, the cheeses of mixed milk, pecorino, vaccines, ricotta. In the region of Calabria cheeses come yet, for the most part, by small family farms, respectful of seasonality, well aware that these milk products, when they are at their maximum potential organoleptic, become even more valuable in the market. A production that combines high-tech culture tied to tradition. Their excellent quality has been recognized by the European Union, which has assigned to Caciocavallo the Protected Designation of Origin (DOP). You visit the farmhouse and have a tasting of cheeses.
Return to the hotel. Dinner and overnight.
  Day 11
Breakfast at Borgo and check-out .
Departure toward Puglia. During the trip visit farm for lunch Arrivel in hotel.Check-in
Afternoon meeting with guide and guided tour of Ostuni (White City) is a city that stands out for its white houses. In the municipality is prohibited to build houses of another colour. This creates a unique atmosphere of the town.
Then visit to the sole in southern Italy hypogean (underground) olive oil spin cycle factory and the annexed museum, tasting of the best olive oil of Valle d'Itria area.
Gourmet Dinner welcome in the beautiful setting of the Masseria Frantolio in the countryside of Ostuni.
Return to the hotel and overnight
  Day 12
Breakfast at hotel Guided tour of Alberobello -(Trulli capital) is located in the heart of the Murgia plateau.
This charming, unique capital of the houses - "Trulli" is UNESCO World Heritage Site.
This fabulous limestone dwelling with conical shape attracts travelers from around the world. Guided tour anticipates visiting the old part of the city, consisting of the districts "Aia Piccola" and "Rioni Monti," the church - trullo of St 'Antonio di Padova, the Basilica S. S. Cosma E Damiano, the museum - "trulli" and the new part of town.
Then we will visit to the Museum of Wine Cellars Albea with its production process and tasting.
Packed inside the Albea winery with a tasting of 4 wines: Primitivo ,Negro Amaro, Verdeca, Nero di troia.
Afternoon guided tour in Martina Franca .
Is a city of international opera festivals - Festival della Valle d'Itria.
Walking along this elegant city with magnificent architectural monuments will bring a great pleasure. Delightful streets of white houses with delicate wrought iron balconies in the Rococo style, charming old churches and the apparent dominance of baroque buildings in the decor - all this can't leave us indifferent to this town.
Then we will continue our tour in Cisternino. Is recognized as one of the most beautiful small towns in Italy. Cisternino also became famous thanks to many meat shops and directly attached to them taverns and restaurants in the historic center with views on the Itria Valley .
Dinner in a typical rotisserie of the old town of Cisternino
Return to the hotel and overnight
  Day 13
Breakfast at hotel Morning cooking class in Masseria.
You will learn and prepare typical local dishes: orecchiette (local pasta) with veal chops seasoned with turnip greens and meatballs (kind of local handmade pasta with meatballs)
After you will tasting all dishes for lunch with wines of the area
Afternoon guided tour of Caves in Castellana Grotte (caves of Castellana) - excursion to the underground Disneyland.
These caves are one of the largest in Italy with a fabulous natural landscape created by continuous infiltration of rainwater into the earth. Gorgeous network of undergrounds, caves and abyss halls with lakes covered with stalagmites and stalactites - all this will amaze with their grandeur and give to visitors unforgettable impressions.
Return to the hotel.
Dinner with show of traditional music and dance, all seasoned with a unique market of art and mysteries typical of the culture and folklore of Puglia. Overnight
  Day 14
Breakfast at hotel Departure to Matera.
Stop in Castel del Monte (UNESCO) and guided tour. Magical intriguing and mysterious octagonal Castel del Monte is clearly seen on the top of a hill east Murgia. This castle is the maximum manifestation of art Frederick II, was built by the "son of Puglia" as a hunting pavilion. Aura of mystery surrounds this magnificent structure, which undoubtedly expresses a strong and controversial personality of German emperor. This castle is the most studied and mysterious in the world.
Then you will visit the famous winery Torre Vento with its production process and tasting lunch
Afternoon arrival in Matera (UNESCO World Heritage). City tour.
Matera is a unique and charming town, rises laid to a fissure in which were dug in the deep rock caves that had been ancient residences. These are called Sassi of Matera and have inspiring poets and writers among which Carlo Levi in his romance Christ has stopped to Eboli and were evocative scenery for the film "The Passion" of Mel Gibson. In the course of centuries, until to arrive to XIX century, Matera was remodelled from numerous rich proprietors that outlined the line of boundary between the high and low part of the town.
Evening return to the hotel.
Dinner and overnight
  Day 15
Breakfast at hotel .
Cheak-out and farewells


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